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It’s been said that “A beach is a place of relaxation, rest, and tranquility”. So when it comes to spending some quiet days away from the busy daily schedule beaches are the best gateways to take a vacation.

Tanzania is home to some world’s finest beaches including Zanzibar Island. The mainland coast of Tanzania is the hidden jewel of the country. Residing close to the Tanzanian safari parks Zanzibar Island has to offer some perennial destination for those who are seeking some sandy beaches and world-class hospitality after a safari trip. Pemba and Mafia Island are quite iconic beaches of Zanzibar and these off-beaten tracks escape to wonderful sea-life spotting. The islands are not only to give relaxation but also travelers can explore a few unique wildlife including turtles and crocodiles. The shorelines are the unique attractions between the honeymooners and couples who are looking for a destination wedding.


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