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A Cultural Safari is designed to give you the opportunity to explore the most well preserved societies in the Northern circuit of Tanzania. This safari enables our guests to observe and experience the fascinating traditional cultures of the Hadzabe, Datoga, and the famous Maasai tribes.

Maasai is one of the most mysterious yet indigenous tribes of Africa. Little is known about their origin but their cultural importance in the continent of Africa is immense. They have settled down in the savannah and visitors from around the globe choose Maasai Cultural Tour packages to get a first-hand experience of the glorious culture of Maasai.

One of the great things for which Tanzania is quite famous for is its cultural diversity. Maasai is one such cultural tribe. Visitors can get to know a lot about their history, their lifestyle and their nature by interacting with them. Maasai is a very friendly, intelligent and proud community who are famous for their high-class warriors, cattle and pastures. They also own some of the lodges, camps and land in the national parks and get benefitted from the tourism in the country.

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